Safety provisions

Dear Guests!

The Lite Wellness Club Team considers it extremely important to support its guests in maintaining their health, even during an epidemic period.
We want to do everything we can to ensure that those who come to us can do sports safely, our goal is to minimize the chances of infection.

From September 16, 2020, we will introduce the following new measures in our club:

- we place a plexiglass protective wall at our reception to protect our colleagues and guests.
- Upon entry, we ask for the consent of our guests to the non-contact body temperature measurement in order to keep those arriving with possible fever or fever symptoms away from our healthy guests.
- We still do not make it mandatory to wear the mask during physical activity in our club, but we ask our guests and colleagues who do not exercise to wear the mask!
- We continue to pay special attention to continuous disinfection, in addition to our cleaners, our gym instructor colleagues also regularly wipe the fitness room machines.

In addition to the above new measures, we continue to ask those who come to us to use the hand sanitizers, to wash their hands regularly in our washrooms with soap and warm water, and to disinfect the used equipment and carpets in our group classrooms as well as in our fitness department!
We hold our personal trainings and Alternative and Aerobics group classes on our outdoor sports terrace in the right weather and with the consent of our guests.
In addition, guests are kindly requested not to visit our club if they experience symptoms of the disease and to inform us if they have been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus so that we can notify our other visitors and staff who have been in contact with them.