Personal training

Benefits of personal training


In the training, directed by the personal trainer, the client can achieve his/her goals more precisely, effectively and by using less time and energy, minimizing the risk of injuries.   The logic of these factors can be proved by the following:   The personal training teaches the precise way of doing the exercises. In the personal training, the client does the exercises under permanent control. The personal trainer ensures a proper motivational level to his/her client. The personal trainer, besides long-term planning, considers the momentary condition of his/her client, and adapts the strength level of the training according to this, reducing the dangers of overload.   These factors are supported by the state measurements, registered at the Lite Wellness Club by a special software, and the statistic data of the control trainings.   According to these data, the degree of development in the trainings led by the personal trainer can be 20-30% more effective than in the trainings done autonomously by the client.


Our professional personal trainer team

The professional team of our clubs, which is very rare in Hungary yet, is made up of professional dieticians, physiotherapists, and highly qualified personal trainers and instructors. The goals of our clients effectively become available and give an opportunity for the harmonic change of lifestyle.



In the open day held by IWI and Lite Wellness club on the 23rd of January 2010, the trainers of Lite Wellness Club firstly joined the Register of European Professional Coaches (EREPS).


With this the Lite Wellness Club became the first club in Hungary where qualitative and highly qualified professionals put forward and play an important role. Mr. Cliff Collins, the director of EREPS Brussels personally handed over the memberships to the trainers.