Technogym machine park

Technogym machine park

Technogym Machines


The isotonic machine park of Technogym integrates the excellent biomechanics, easy handling and the lightness of exercising. Computer designing and laser technology guarantees the precision and reliability of the isotonic products of Technogym.


The development of Technogym products is based on the results of medical, health and welfare research that extends to all levels and aspects of exercising. Medical researches and trials form the base of the devotion of Technogym to satisfy all needs.


Technogym Purestrength Machines

Separete gym section for muscle increase with special machineries.

Those guests who primarily come to Lite Wellness Club-Mammut to increase muscle cross-sectional area, can use the Purestrength machine park in a separate gym area, which is the newest innovation of Technogym devoted especially for this purpose.

The machines are fitted with disc weight, their mechanical principle and effects differ than the mechanism of the usual screw-flat weight based equipments. When used, the resistance caused by the interia force needs to be overcomed continuously, unlike the conventional fitness machines linear resistance. With the help of our machines, more spectacular increase of muscle cross section can be obtained.

The forming of the machines was modeled to the anatomical and biomechanical synergies of the human body, planning with a preventive view which proves the greatness of the Purestrength machine park.

As a result, heavy exercises, needing heavy loading can be performed safely.

Visitors can use the help of the professional personal trainers for the proper use of the machines.


Extra instruments


The wellness instruments were made of materials of excellent quality, which give durability, safety, attractive design and elegance. The wellness instruments are easy to use, and effective in the working of each muscle group, either you want to exercise your whole body, or just parts of it. It is perfect integration of our cardio and isotonic products.

In our stretching area guests are able to use gymstick equipments, fitballs, mats, etc.