Class types


Strengthening classes:


  • Body shaping class

The class type includes the strength and endurance improving exercises, that enable the moving of the whole body.The class starts with a 10-15-minute intensive warm-up, then with streching, we prepare the muscle grous which are going to be occupied. After that starts a 30-40-minute developing program with the movement of the big muscle groups concerning the whole body. During the exercises we use some equipment, dumbells, elastic band, Flexi-Bar, Xco-trainer, fit ball, soft ball, step. The use of the equipment can be varied  because of the personality of the trainer. We do the body shaping exercises form different starting positions, by doing 2-3 exercises per muscle groups.

  • Hot Iron

The fantastic music, the dedicated participants, the excellent exercises – that do not contain aerobic movements – help to get the best shape!

Iron System is a special method practised by bar with dumbbells. It provides fast but permanent results. Iron System is a German product that makes trainings more enjoyable from USA to Russia. It is not a mystical method, it is professional training program. The fantastic music, the dedicated participants, the excellent exercises – that do not contain aerobic movements – and the motivated trainers help to get the best shape. There are needed only two training during a week and you will feel yourself well.

There is a belief that cardiovascular training is the best to decrease fat. But this opinion is not true because it is easier to minimize fat with an intensive standing power training. During an effective training with dumbbell we burn tha same quantity calories than on a standing power training.

The ,,after burning effect” that means burning calories after training is higher in case of standing power training. After a hour long dumbbelled training until 23 hours all muscles burn calories. The more intensive metabolism operates without doing anything and fat is burning. It is a luxury. Muscular tightens our body and it provides burning fat for 24 hours long. Women are affraid of bigger muscles but it is an incorrect belief because they have not so much testosteron that would be needed to it.


Endurance and fat-burn classes:


  • Body styling

As its name indicates, this type of class makes for the improvement of the fitness condition, and for gaining a good fitness condition. Besides the effect of improving the endurance, the exercises can have fat-burn effects also. The exercises contain simple steps, combination of steps, without coreography. To increase the intensity and the developing effect, the instructors use different equipment, like step, elastic band, FLEXI-BAR, Xco-trainer, soft ball, fit ball, dumbells.

  • Full body  styling

Unique class type, which aim - besides improving the condition - is to exercise with the variation of of hard and soft movement types and the combination of the instruments.

  • Fat burn class

The medium intensity aerobe training, that is done regularly, gives an opportunity for decreasing the fat tissue of the body. The body, after a little, low intensity movement, gains the energy for the continuous movement mainly from fat, that's why the heart rate of the participants at the fat burn class is 60-70% of the maximum heart rate (fat-burn zone) in order to avoid the premature exhaustion of the body. To achieve this, a permanent pulse control is needed. With the help of polar watches, the optimal working of the participants  can be achieved, which gives a feedback about the current condition of the participants. The exercises of the class include steps, step combinations, medium intensity basic choreography, then, in the last 10-15 minutes of the class, strengthening exercises. The supplementary instruments of the strengthening exercises are the step, elastic band, Flexi-Bar, Xco-trainer, soft ball, fitt ball, and dumbbells.

Alternative classes:


  • Preventive spinal training

That is keeping fit the spine and preventing spinal problems. In this exercises, a flexible supporting surface is used (fit ball) for the continuous nourishment of the cartilaginous discs, and the exercises done by the limbs also help the movement of the vertebral column. It helps to shape the physiological curving, to maintain and increase the latitude of the spine, to keep the painless movements to all directions, and to decrease the pain in the already affected areas. With the help of the different instruments the gradual strengthening and stretching of the spinal muscles also gains importance. Moreover, the shaping and/or changing and the maintenance of the correct posture and the conscious body image is also emphasized. The style of the class is dynamic, using different type of music, so that the cardio.- respiration system can be trained as well.


Used equipment: fit ball, dyn-air pillow, elastic bands of different strength and shape, dumbbells, pilates roller, cane, Flexi Bar

  • Spinal training

The participants can get acquainted with the beauty of classic spinal training, which is controlled by a physiotherapist. The spinal training gives an excellent solution to those club members, who have some kind of diagnosed spinal disorder of spinal pain. The special exercises, used by the physiotherapist, selectively strengthen and stretch the spine-stabilizing muscles. The exercises contain practices for strengthening deep muscles and force mainly certain areas of the abdomen and back to work. The characteristic of the training is slow and expressed, including concentrated exercises and movements. With the regular use of it, the mobility and flexibility of the spine increases in all directions, the spine supporting muscles get stronger, the mutations and the pain (of different origins and intensity) in the spinal area decrease significantly.
Used equipment: Flexi Bar, fit ball, over ball, dyn-air pillow, elastic bands of different strength and shape, dumbbells, pilates roller, stretching band.

  • Stretching

In this class we selectively stretch the muscles that tend to be shortened with different stretching techniques. Shortened muscles can be caused by static body position (standing, sitting), or incorrect posture. By the maintenance and development of the flexibility of the muscles and joints we can achieve to increase the strength and endurance of the muscles and to make muscular movement balanced.
Used equipment: stretching band.

  • Pilates MAT

This class is for creating a balanced shape with a special breathing technique. It is the mixture of yoga, ballet, and eastern martial arts with the newest fitness trends. The aim is to strengthen the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles directly with the "method". It strengthens and makes the body flexible at the same time. The effect of the exercise can already be felt right after the class.
Used instruments: elastic band, Flexi Bar, soft ball, fit ball, dumbbells, Pilates roller, Pilates hoop, Disc'o' sit, Gymstick.

  • bodyARTTM

It is the meeting of strength and mind. Considering its exercise material, BodyARTTM takes its main components from yoga, to which it assigns components from physiotherapy, known from the Japanese Do In, and connects it with several special breathing techniques, providing the balance between training and relaxation.

BodyARTTM , besides conscious training, is the harmony of body, soul and mind.

  • deepWORKTM

The - by Robert Steinbacher in cooperation with specialists developed - training concept deepWORK has already created a wave of enthusiasm worldwide. Because deepWORK is the answer for all who have been searching for holistic approaches in Cardio Training combined with functional and holistical strengthening and who want to experience self-perception by music, motion and respiration!
Already in early days, it has been discovered that percussion, continuous repetitions and releasing in form of movements have a healing aspect.
This is celebrate in Afro until the stage of trance for example. 

Nowadays there are many techniques from motion therapy to meditation that encourage to release using motion and expression.

deepWORK works according to the law of Yin and Yang. It unites - both in philosophy and motion - the mental and physical opposite of a functional and holistical training.
is the answer to feeling the inner spirit, to meet ones limits and to consider these unbiasedly.
triggers enthusiasm worldwide! The Training concept is borne by specific knowledge of complex movements, years of testing and the responsibility for the participant.

The typical deepWORK motion sequences are designed to always be situated between connoection of tension and relaxation combined with breathing techniques.

The participant works during the deepWORK Training in his own rhythm and the his breathing rhythm. The acompaniment of deep rhythms and percussion during a deepWORK lecture helps the trainee to build-up strength, to vent ones emotions and to go beyond oneself to experience oneself.

deepWORK is 100% fatburning, resolving bottled-up energy, learning to release,physical training,mental training,the aquaintance of personal limits,the discovery of inner strength,the melting together of Yin and Yang in the own body,the encounter with emotions.

deepWORK training is the future and a form of therapy and freedom of motion.


Spinning is a specific format of indoor cycling.

These traditional indoor cycling classes offer a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. Designed for all levels, these classes offer a challenging opportunity to get your heart pumping, burn serious calories and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and perhaps a desire to be out on the road.


  • TRX core training


We use the most typical characteristic of TRX exercises in this class, which is called „core” muscle. This means the working of abdominal muscles, deep back muscles and dorsal muscles of the pelvis. The proper functioning of these is the basis of each movement. Most of the practices in the class consist of training and shaping of these muscles, of course not forgetting the limbs as well.


  • TRX cardio

When the word cardio is heard by someone, usually the treadmill, elliptical trainer, maybe the bike comes to our mind. In this class all participants can experience that cardio training can be done with the help of TRX as well. It is based on the interval type of training of course, during which there will be no shortage of jumps, leaps linge and other exercises that keep heart rate within the normal range. Of course not forgetting the strengthening of core muscles.


  • TRX Muscle


One of the slogans of this tool is to build lean muscle. In this class we will work on this. TRX exercises with your own body weight and sometimes with a small external resistance will be done, training the whole body, limbs and the torso as well. For muscle building and shaping it is essential to carry out the excercises properly in a controlled manner. In this class, this will be the motto. Everybody will find a suitable challenge while shaping arms, shoulders, abdomen, tights and buttocks.


  • Crosstraining


The crosstraining is a training method in which using several sports motion, we are developing the maximum number of conditional capacity at the same time or sequentially. These capabilities are: strength, speed, coordination, endurance, flexibility. The great advantage of crosstraining in contrast to the excercises in the traditional fitness gym is that very small amount of tools are required and can easily be performed in open air. Significant amount of exercises are made up of exercises done by own body weight, but also hand weights, medicine balls, jumping rope, functional tools (TRX, fit-ball, pilates roller) are used as well. It can be a simple circuit training or pair work, the progress will come soon! The goal is an efficient and varied training and the learning and using of new movements. Since the training’s complexity and difficulty is variable, therefore it is applicable to all people. From leasure athlete to the professional sportsmam, everyone can find the best training method.


  • TRX with functional tools


During the training, workouts are made more intense and interesting with the use of tools such as sandbag, fit-ball, TOGU jumper, jumping rope, medicine ball, rubber band in addition to TRX. The exercise can be done by participants with different training conditions. it provides intensive training for both man and women.


  • Boot Camp


Boot Camp trainings look like a military boot camp – a group of people exercising together in rows, columns in response to the trainer. Most of the exercises are done by own body wight, especially push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, running or imitative movements. It is an intensive interval training that combines endurance training with resistance and sport-specific trainings, tought physical challenge, teamwork and motivation. What provides BC – team work – motivation – physical challenge – variety – EXPERIENCE –PROGRESS. Tools: TRX, medicine ball, jump ropers, rope, rubber bands, coordination ladder, tires. It can be perfectly combined with TRX. It is recommended to everyone regardless of age, gender, conditional status. Its motto: experience and success.