Finnish sauna

Vapor is formed from the water poured to the hot stones, from which the air heats up to 80-90 CĀ°.

The medically beneficial effects of the Finnish sauna are the following:

- trains the heart through the increased physical activity of blood flow and improves blood circulation. However, guests having circulatory disorders or cardiac problems should be careful, because the stress can be too much.

- With the heavy use of the immune system, the sauna strengthens it. Of course, take care that during the sauna process the immune system is heavily loaded, thus the risk of disease is of a greater risk.

-When sweating, toxins leave naturally from the body, sauna enhances this natural process. In this way and with the better feeling stress can be eased.

-it has a good effect on the skin and it is good against insomnia, in addition it helps relieving muscle soreness. For athletes, it can be a help when warming up.

Important rules:

-the use of the Finnish sauna is prohibited for those who suffer from diseases infecting through air or suffering from fever.

-the use of the Finnish sauna is not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure because of the continuous sudden warm and cold temperature change.

Infra sauna

In the case of infra sauna, the room is heated by infrared ray instead of electric or wood stove. The infrared rays are at the rays of invisible light, at a 2-25 micrometer wavelength. The ray penetrates deep into the body heating it up from inside-out.  The blood vessels expand allowing continuous blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, increasing the body's resistance. When sweating, during sweat activitation and metabolic processes, unnecessary and harmful substances release from the body together.

The effects are different than the normal sauna's arising from the differences in the operation of the saunas:

-the infra sauna operates at a lower temperature which means a more pleasant staying in the room

-30 minutes in the infra sauna means the loss of 900 calories

-more efficient in the relaxation of the muscles

-it has a very impressive effect on the skin because its pore cleaning and cell regenerating effects.

-the amount of sweating is about 3 times of the normal sauna, has 20-60 times bigger detoxing potential and 3-7 times higher amount of non-water type element can be found in the sweat.